The annual LØVE LØPE 5k will be held again this year along the hilly scenic route just outside of Spring Grove. While it is not a 'color run' this year, we've added another optional challenge-- the TOFF NORSK (tough Norsk) obstacle course and circuits.

About the TOFF NORSK Challenge
Part cross country and part obstacle course, the Toff Norsk 5K is much more than just your average run.  While on the 5k LØVE LØPE route,  Toff Norsk participants will encounter a variety of obstacles… this race will prove to be challenging and fun for many ages and will bring out your inner Norsk!! 
Are you up for the challenge to prove your test of strength, power and mental toughness and call yourself a Tough Norsk?  

 So, which option should I choose?

Choose the LØVE LØPE 5k if you want to run/walk the 5k loop without stopping to participate in the TOFF NORSK challenge. Awards to the top finishers in each category. Pre-registrations are guaranteed a t-shirt!

Choose the LØVE LØPE + TOFF NORSK if you want to do the 5k run/walk PLUS the additional challenge obstacles along the route. There are separate awards for finishers of the TOFF NORSK optional challenge. Pre-registrations are guaranteed a t-shirt, plus you get a cool bandana!

Saturday, October 1, 2016
Race Start Time: 10am - Check In Time: 8:30am
*Check-in at the Gazebo in Viking Memorial Park

If part of TEAM please note Team Name on registration form.
Pre-registrations through September 19, 2016 (guaranteed shirt) - Download form here (coming soon)
Day of Race - Register in Viking Memorial Park at 8:30 a.m.
$25 Adults; $20 Youth (12 and under)

First Men's finisher, First Women's finisher, First Boy finisher, First Girl finisher, Best Team Showing
First TOFF NORSK Men's, First TOFF NORSK Women's, First TOFF NORSK Youth (10 and up)

NOTES: Teams must be made up of 3 or more runners; Individual team members must register and pay as individuals; please note Team Name on your registration form.

Registrations on Friday, September 29 and/or Saturday, October 1 must be submitted in person on race day using the paper FORM (click here to get form).



LØVE LØPE translated to Norwegian means 'Lion Run' (pronounced 'lew-va  lew-pa')
This event is being sponsored by the Spring Grove Lions Club with funds raised to benefit community improvements.


1. How long is the race? Is it a hard course? The course is 5K or 3.1 miles.  Yes, it is a little challenging and there is one big hill called 'Uff Da Hill'.   

2. Can I walk?  Slowly?  Yes! This is a fitness event for all ages and skill levels. 

3. Can I bring my kids? Strollers? Dog?  Yes.  Please make sure dogs are leashed and are up to date on vaccinations; as always, clean up after your pets!

4. Will there be bathrooms, water, aid stations, food?  Yes, yes, yes, and yes!!  We are working very hard to make this a very well run race.

5. LØVE LØPE? Uff Da?  What is this place?  Spring Grove is a vibrant rural community located in the Bluff Country of Southeast Minnesota.  Many of our early settlers were Norwegian and we still celebrate this heritage today.  So, in the fall we have a festival called Uff Da Fest and fill the town with goodies and events.   LØVE LØPE means 'Lion Run' in Norwegian.  Pronounciation: [løːve]  [løːpe] (lewva-lewpa)