Bring your quilt: The Festival will be receiving quilts for the sale on Wednesday, October 2  from 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Send your quilt:  We must receive your quilt by October 1.  All sent quilts must have return postage and label if unsold; Please send to: Milly Halverson, 126 3rd Ave. SE, Spring Grove, MN55974

Pick up: Checks for sold quilts, as well as unsold quilts may be picked up in person, or seller must give name of the person picking up their quilt.  We will be checking IDs. 

Questions regarding registration or event, please contact Milly Halverson 507-498-5339 or Mary Deters 507-498-3993

Preferred Registration by September 15, 2019.




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Please include: Title of Quilt(s), Quilt Price, Size of Quilt (ex 82x110), Type of Material, Type of Batting Quilted by (name), Machine/Hand/Combo Quilted, Pieced by (name), Type of Piecing (hand/machine), Type of Backing (wool/cotton/blend), Washing Instructions, Prewashed (Y/N), Designed by (name), Design is Original/Tweaked Traditional/Traditional
$10 Registration Fee *
$10 Registration Fee (one-time fee; enter as many quilts as you wish for this fee. Please send checks to: Festival of Quilts c/o Mary Deters, 21867 Deters Dr., Spring Grove, MN 55974). 15% of selling price will go to Festival of Quilts on sold quilts only.
Do you want to send us photos of your quilt(s)? *
If you'd like to submit photos of your entries for use on the preview gallery on our website, please email them to mhdeters@springgrove.coop